Emily Dolan Davies
Touring and recording session drummer


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  1. Open Fire The Darkness 4:02
  2. Alphaville Bryan Ferry 4:25
  3. Barbarian The Darkness 3:32
  4. No Face No Name No Number Bryan Ferry 4:40
  5. Roaring Waters The Darkness 4:38
  6. Song To The Siren Bryan Ferry 5:56
  7. Reason Or Rhyme Bryan Ferry 6:52


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Emily is a world-renowned drummer with a wealth of skills and experience that she brings to every situation.

Emily was born and grew up in North London, and after finding the drums at aged 11, she embarked on her life-long journey to master her instrument.

Her formative years were spent playing at many countless blues jams, in local bands, and getting as much experience as physically possible whilst also attending school.

Aged 18 she was thrust into the real world gigging most nights of the week with various bands, and became known as the 'dep girl', because so many gigs she would be called upon in very short notice, either the day before or the day of a show. This gave her a great foundation and flexibility for any artist she has previously worked with, and continued to work with since.

  • 18 Years experience touring with a multitude of different artists and bands from around the world and across many different genres.
    The Darkness, Tricky, Howard Jones, Cher Lloyd, Thompson Twins, Emilia Mitiku and Bono.

  • Recorded on albums and worked with world class producers and engineers including Flood, Rhett Davis and Dan Austin. She also has her own studio where she records remotely for artists across the globe.
    Bryan Ferry, The Darkness, The Hours and Peppa Pig!

  • Emily has a wealth of experience in programming shows, whether that be samples to be performed live, or full production backing tracks and visuals for tours.
    LogicProX, Pro Tools, Ableton, QLab, HD24, Yamaha DTX series, Roland SPDSX.

  • Experience singing backing vocals both live and in the studio.
    The Darkness, Thompson Twins, Cher Lloyd, Emilia Mitiku.

Services Offered


Touring and one-off shows worldwide.
This can be on live kit, mixed with or without electronics, a full electronics setup, percussion and backing vocals.


This can be done in either a commercial studio, or remotely at Emily’s studio.
With an array of modern and vintage drums and percussion, Emily can create the exact drum track needed for your music.

Session Lessons

For any drummer looking to get into recording.
Want to be a studio session drummer?
Each lesson is set up like a real recording session for the full studio experience but without the pressure.


Emily can also programme your electronics for a show, backing tracks, or visuals.
Need some programming done? Emily can using LogicProX, Pro Tools, Ableton, Qlab, Akai HD24 and any Yamaha DTX kits.

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