Win at bus touring tip #1

So you’re on tour, arrive at the venue and realise that there is only 1 shower… for 40 people! This has happened to me countless times, and leads to you having a rushed shower, whilst someone’s banging on the door to get in, and you end up sweaty and feeling grosser than before you jumped under the jet streams – or the dribble more likely.

This year I did something different

I joined a gym with a Worldwide membership!

This is a game changer! Now I jump in a cab from the venue, get to work out (keep my body and mind healthy), I get my own space (keep my mind and everyone else healthy), and BONUS, I get to have the most leisurely shower known to man or beast! No more mouldy dirty situations that you know will almost certainly cause fungus to start forming around your feet to make you look like a mushroom in human form.

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